Operator Qualifications

Ferguson Construction Company considers our Operator Qualification Program a vital part of our continued success in the pipeline industry. Our responsibility is to ensure the quality and completeness of training to our employees.


In order to comply with the Operator Qualifications (parts 192 and 195), Ferguson Construction is utilizing National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) and ISNetworld.


Employees of Ferguson Construction Company shall be Qualified through NCCER. NCCER utilizes a "Standardized Training Process." The training process includes "traditional craft or
apprenticeship training through task, upgrade, and
multi-skills training." This process will assist our training organization in developing training guidelines that are parallel with our needs as a pipeline company. Ferguson Construction will provide knowledge testing and
evaluation through NCCER to ensure the qualification of our employees. This training will include information of pipeline routines, pipeline maintenance, and construction to benefit the individual being trained.


Ferguson Construction has also made use of ISNetworld, which is a database that provides record-keeping and training management tools. This database allows all companies to review our employees' qualifications through NCCER as well as In-house safety training and testing.