Operator Certification

Equipment Operator Overview


It is the policy of Ferguson Construction to permit only trained, designated and authorized personnel to operate equipment. This policy is applicable to both daily operators and those who occasionally use the equipment, including Supervisors.


It is Ferguson’s intent to comply with the regulations governing use of equipment. It is the intent of these procedures to establish uniform requirements designed to ensure that equipment safety training, operation and maintenance practices are communicated to and understood by the affected employees. These requirements are also designed to ensure that procedures are in place to safeguard the health and safety of all employees.


Ferguson Construction has the following types of equipment: Backhoe, Ditcher, Side boom, Forklift, Maintainer, Excavator, Dozer, Mini Padder and Boring Machine.


The training program at this company includes classroom instruction and operational instruction on each specific type of equipment to be utilized by the employee. In addition, a review of the previous training program will be conducted. The Human Resource Department will identify all new employees in the employee orientation program and make arrangements with the OCC to schedule the classroom instruction for equipment operator. Refresher training is also available as needed.


Training Requirements


Classroom instruction will consist of equipment operation, equipment maintenance, including lubrication charts, daily checklists and equipment safety. All operators must pass a written test that is equipment type specific. A field evaluation will be performed that may include videotaping of employee operating the equipment. Refresher courses will be conducted every three years for recertification of Operator Certification.